Hassle-free PAYE

Hassle-free PAYE

Dealing with HMRC matters can be complicated, time-consuming and stressful – none of which make for a productive work environment. So why do it?! Save valuable time, money and hassle by authorising A.S.A.P. to be your payroll service agent for HM Revenue and Customs, and we will deal with HMRC on your company’s behalf for all of your PAYE matters.

As your HMRC PAYE agent we will access PAYE online services (which holds important payroll data for your company) on your behalf. Here, we can download the latest tax code changes and apply them swiftly, and upload P45s and P46s to HMRC when your payroll is processed. Plus, we can submit your end of year tax returns P35s and P14s to HMRC so that you don’t have to.

Save your business the inconvenience and worry of handling complicated PAYE matters with HMRC – A.S.A.P. has a wealth of expertise and experience dealing with HMRC, so allow us to take the headache out of PAYE on your behalf.

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