Your payroll questions answered


Why outsource payroll?

Outsourcing payroll offers many benefits. To start with it’s incredibly cost-effective and timesaving as it removes the need to purchase and maintain payroll software, train staff in payroll, or pay for temporary cover in case of absence. Having such sensitive information handled off-site also protects staff confidentiality.


Peace of mind is another big advantage of outsourced payroll services – our clients know that their payroll is fully compliant and in safe hands with A.S.A.P. Office Services’ team of payroll professionals, who remain fully up-to-date with new payroll legislation and software.

A.S.A.P. Office Services is in regular contact with HMRC (we’ll also correspond with them on your behalf) and CIPP, and we keep our clients abreast of how any changes affect their business.

What makes A.S.A.P. different?

With A.S.A.P. you get a professional and personal service. There are no call centres here – you will have a dedicated member of staff to help with your queries, and will get to know our team as we get to know yours. Client satisfaction is everything to us, and we’re completely confident that you will delight in our time and hassle saving service.

Can I choose which aspects of the service I want?
Yes, our service is completely flexible. If you know exactly what kind of service you want, simply let us know. Otherwise we can work with you to create the most efficient and cost-effective payroll solution for your business.
I only have a few employees, can I still outsource payroll?
Absolutely. We welcome businesses of any size. Some of our clients have just a handful of employees whilst others have hundreds! Whatever the case, all of our clients receive the same level of dedicated and professional service.
Can you help me with workplace pensions?
Yes. The new requirements for workplace pensions affect all employers. Our staff members have in-depth knowledge of how these changes will affect businesses, meaning we are best place to advise you on how to become auto-enrolled and compliant. Of course we can also take this burden away from you completely by organizing and managing it for you. Talk to us to today.
Can you give me a quote?
Of course. Simply please give us a call for a friendly chat and no-obligation quote, or fill in the quotation box and we’ll get back to you. We have flexible options to suit businesses of all sizes.

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